Before booking an animal assisted counselling session, equine facilitated learning session or therapy pony visit,
Please Consider:

A horse’s feet can damage grounds, particularly if wet or contained within a yard. A horse most likely will pee or poop.  The Facilitator will ensure waste removal at the end of the visit.


The activity is not suitable for those with unpredictable or aggressive behaviours or those allergic to horses.


It is important to remember that horses are prey animals and can react unpredictably particularly in unknown situations or the event of loud noise.


You will get covered in horse hair, worse in particular months when the horses are shedding   We recommend wearing older clothes or those that hair doesn’t stick to!  We highly recommend avoiding knitwear and fleece!


Payment is to be received prior to session, unless prior agreement made.


Please be aware of our cancellation policies regarding weather and wellbeing.


Travel Costs:


Up to 25km = $25.00

26km – 50km = $50.00

51km – 75km = $70.00

76km to 100km = $100.00


Cancellation Policies:


If you need to cancel your appointment:

Cancellation with up to 24 hours notice: Full Refund.

Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice: Refund minus $15.00 admin fee.

Cancellation with less than 2 hours notice: 50% refund.

Failure to attend without notification: No Refund.

Rescheduling after cancellation will be at our discretion.


If we need to cancel a full refund will be given.


Weather policy – the horses are unable to visit if the following weather is expected:

Severe weather including storms or heavy rain

Very Windy conditions

Temperatures over 35c

High temperatures will also limit the time of day the horses can attend to either early morning or evening.


Session termination: if a session is terminated due to unacceptable behaviour of those in attendance, no refund will be given. 


There may be times where for the horse’s wellbeing a session is halted.  We will endeavour to first offer the horse a break and see if they wish to continue.  If not, the session will need to be terminated.  A partial refund will be organised dependant on how long the horse has been in attendance.