Our Current Direction

We have been open six months now and very slowly building a name for ourselves in the district. During this time we’ve been listening to the feedback of clients, support workers, NDIS plan managers, other professionals in the field and the community of Naracoorte and looking at adapting what we offer.

Equine Facilitated Learning has proven popular but we know it is not for everyone, horses can be overwhelming for many people. The arrival of Philip the calf and the enjoyment he has brought to our clients gave us an idea and after attending the Animal Therapies conference and talking with other providers, we have decided to explore a move towards a farm based therapy program.

The first step is to find a reliable house sitter. Then my silent partner will be assured that as I collect more animals, we will still be able to go on the occasional holiday. Once this has been secured we will look at adding possibly goats, lambs, piglets and some type of as yet undecided poultry. Everyone says we need donkeys too!

To enable this we are looking at extending the Barn into a currently unused area of our garden (pictured here in its current state) and making it a suitable winter venue also.

Once this is achieved we would like to create a ‘zen garden’ in this space where clients can relax and also offer events such as ‘yoga with farm animals’ and guided meditation sessions.

However, it all costs money so it will be quite some time before it comes to fruition. Although we feel it will be a benefit to many in the community, we aren’t eligible for any grant funding. Apparently ‘not making a profit because all your animals have expensive medical bills’ is not the same as being a ‘not-for-profit’ charity 

I started this weekend by removing all the nightshade from the area by hand. Can’t use poison as Philip is at that “I want to join in and put everything in my mouth’ stage although he mostly played with a walnut he found.

Watch this space for slow updates in the future, in the meantime if you know of any cheap bark chip, saw dust, large boulders and farm gates please let us know!!

PS. – I may have got a little ahead of myself and got some sheep this weekend!

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