Is Philip Lonely? - Part 3

What's been happening with Philip? I could write for hours on the topic but in short it turns out he just doesn't want to join in. He has finally accepted that Buttercup wants to be with him regardless of his feelings towards her and lets her tag along but he's not fussed when she wanders off to join the rest of the herd. At least it gives his ears a break.

In life, there are those of us that don't want to be in the middle of things, they are happy to feel included from a distance. And Philip is one of those. He didn't want his Mummy to find him friends because she thought he needed to be like the other calves. He didn't need to be set up on play dates and forced to interact - he just wants to be left to do his own thing. He doesn't want to play with the other cows, he only wants to play with the lawnmower and me.

Philip appears perfectly happy out in the cow paddock, he isn't trying to come back up to the house or crying about being left alone, he happily wanders around doing his own thing. He can always be found away from the herd, as shown in the photo marked by the red circle, at the very far corner of the paddock.

The difficulty is, Philip cannot communicate directly what he wants, so we had to go through all options to find the answer. People too often have difficulty communicating. If you struggle with being understood, come see us, maybe we can help - trust us, we are better with people than cows :)

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