Is Philip Lonely? - Part 1

It’s something I ask myself regularly – is Philip lonely? Being a bottle-fed calf without any cows around, Philip has grown up (quickly) with only people, dogs and horses. He is surrounded by others, though none are like him. The truth is, we can still feel lonely, even though we are not alone.

Cows are herd animals, they live in groups - It makes sense that he would be lonely. It makes sense that he would want a friend. And then he got one. We welcomed Buttercup, a little black angus x calf and thought he wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

But he didn’t like her. His whole attitude was that of “she’s a stinky baby and I don’t want to play with her”. He would rather play with his bucket. She thought he was great and would follow him around and try to copy him. If she tried to sit down near him, he would get up and move away.

That’s the second truth to Philip’s story – we can still feel lonely, even though we are not alone, if we don’t feel connected to those we are with. And our friends can’t be chosen for us.

Do you ever feel like Philip? You’re not alone, but you are lonely? It is one of the topics that can be explored with counselling – what we feel we are missing and what might help fix that lonely feeling.

Stay tuned for our further attempts to help Philip explore what he needs to feel happy.

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