I'm Good?

It’s been two years and whilst many of us thought this whole COVID thing would be over by now for some, it’s only now becoming a reality. While Victorians took the brunt of Covid in its opening year, South Australia, with a smaller and less dense population, was relatively sheltered from the pandemic. It still prompted the Hilltop Hoods to write a song, and like many of their lyrics, there’s wisdom to be found.

I’m good, I’m good, I’m pretty good

Thanks for asking that’s mighty thoughtful

I’m good, I’m good but not great

How are you? Cause I’m kinda awful.

Now with mandated masks, check ins, travel restrictions and the number of cases climbing in our communities it is hard to ignore the impact a pandemic has on our everyday lives.

There are of course positive to be found in all events – the sinking of the titanic was a miracle for the lobsters waiting to be cooked in the kitchen – however, we don’t always have to cope well with everything that comes our way. Some of us are naturally resilient, some of us require reassurance and a shoulder to lean on.

Which brings us back to the Hilltop Hoods song and a tendency to answer “I’m good” when asked how we are. Why is this our first response, when it may not be the honest one? There could be several reasons for this.

Often, ‘how are you’ is a greeting, not a question and soon, the answer becomes a habit.

It is worth considering the benefits to answering honestly – in the right company. If you are being asked by someone you think does care, try answering with a truth. There’s more to it, than just seeking our own reassurances. By admitting ‘I’m pretty awful’, we are giving the other person an opportunity to admit they are

not okay and opening a discussion about how we are really coping. It doesn’t need to be a counselling session – that’s what we are here for! - but a shared acknowledgement that things aren’t going as well as we hoped.

I challenge everyone to give it a go – or ask someone how are you really? and take the time to listen to what they have to say, share your own frustrations about the state of things and remember you are not alone.

One of my favourite things about horses is their inability to pretend, if they are having a bad day, they’ll tell you. Horses express themselves by vocalising and various forms of body language from subtle to the more extreme but thankfully we don’t have to go around kicking and biting – we can just reply, “I’m pretty awful”.

Whilst all of the song lyrics might not be appropriate to share here, we do love the line:

So if you know of someone with a rescue

Let me know cause I need a pet to get through

With a herd of beautiful therapy horses we are getting through just fine, but if you’re not, then come join us for a pick me up.

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