Embrace the Experience

I always think rainy afternoons are a great way to catch up on your paperwork but as I sit here procrastinating I am reminded of the first time it rained after Philip arrived. I went rushing outside calling for him in a complete panic. I don’t know what I was thinking since a) I couldn’t exactly bring him back inside with me and b) he’s a cow, he won’t melt.

And now I do remember that I did try and bring him into the mud room and laid down towels so he wouldn’t slip on the floor. The power had gone out, I had a client due to arrive soon and I was drenched from head to toe and of course, Philip was happy outside in the rain.

The day he arrived I promised I would not fall in love, that he was only staying temporarily and reminded myself he was just a cow, as I walked out to meet him. His owner lifted him down from the truck and I clasped my hands together and squealed “I LOVE HIM!!!”.

I’ve learnt so much in such a short time from Philip. Including that calves can jump, they can walk down stairs and they are in to EVERYTHING. I also now sound like the stepmother of a three year old. My most common sentences include:

“Philip, put that down”

“Don’t touch that Philip”

“you better not be back in that shed I just told you to get out of”

“Well what did you think would happen if you did that??” and

“Don’t give me that ‘you’re not my real mother’ attitude”.

I do love the experience of having him here though and I love what he brings to our clients. That little wet nose, big eyes and soft cuddly fur has appealed to everyone that meets him.

One thing I didn’t need to learn, that I already knew very well, is that embracing new experiences will always be good for us. We will always learn something. I’m a firm believer that ‘Anxiety breeds behind avoidance’. The more we change up our routine, the more we try different things, the more we believe we are capable of whatever we want to try. We don’t have to be good at things, we just have to give them a go.

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