Our Equine Facilitators.....



Consistently a client and crowd favourite, Obi-wan is a grey Percheron X who thoroughly enjoys his new life as a therapy horse.  His quiet and calm nature appeals to many and is why he often features at events or starts with nervous clients.

He is known for his love of food and insistence on being involved in any construction work happening around the property.

Cas side shot.jpg


Our Leopard Spotted Sportaloosa Cassian sure stands out in a crowd with his unique spots that look like someone left peanut butter fingerprints all over him.

His inquisitive nature and desire to be around people makes him a perfect therapy horse.  Cas works mainly with clients more confident with horses due to his large size and cheekiness (watch your hats!!).


D-O (Deo) 

Proof that good things come in small packages.  D-O is a bit of a mix of a miniature horse and a shetland and without his fluffy winter coat he is a brilliant black colour.  His spiked mane draws attention and his big eyes are irresistible.  D-O graduated from scared little foal into magical therapy pony very quickly and is popular with nursing home residents who he happily goes to visit in their rooms.



Need a kiss? - Meo is happy to give them out.  Our Chestnut Quarter Horse Meo will swap kisses for biscuits anytime.  Typical of Quarter Horses, Meo loves a job to do and big open space to do it in but he's also up for laying down and giving a cuddle just when you need it.  Meo is currently on assignment as a therapy horse to a very special girl in Victoria and is not available for sessions.



Stunning buckskin Welsh pony Elo is still in training as a therapy horse.  His quiet nature and willingness to give anything a go made him an obvious choice as a team member.  We are lucky that Elo has been leant to us by his generous owner for use in our therapy program.  His smaller size makes him a perfect choice for clients who want to work with a horse but perhaps "not one THAT big"!!


R2 (Artoo)

Baby R2 is only 9 months old (July 2021) and the newest to our herd.  Like D-O, he is a mini x shetland.  The epitome of cheeky, R2 loves attention and play.  He is still learning to be a therapy pony but has plenty of time.  For now, he is great fun to observe playing in the paddock.