Mini Workpace Visits 
$50.00 Special Promotion

It's a crazy time of year for many people, borders are opening, workplaces are busy, there's Christmas, Covid and Customers to deal with.

So brighten up your workplace with a mini-visit from one of our therapy mini horses.

If you're the boss, why not treat your employees to a mini-break and show your appreciation for all their hard work?

Or perhaps as employees you'd all like to organise a visit and treat yourselves!

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Our $50 mini-visit promotion includes a visit to your nominated work site for half an hour by one of our mini-therapy horses.

Neither horse stands taller than 1 metre.

Employees are encouraged to cuddle, pat and take as many photos as they would like.

Mini horses can enter the premises (provided the floors are not too slippery!!) or attend in the carpark/nominated outdoor area.  Mini's are, well, mini so they can fit in your staff room kitchen quite easily.

Conditions to consider before booking:

This offer is for adult employees only - no children should be present.

Mini's will not be left behind, no matter how much you beg to keep them.

This offer is for Naracoorte Businesses only - Nominated worksite must be within 10kms of Naracoorte CBD. 

Yes, they poop, we monitor this to avoid accidents but there is no 100% guarantee - we will remove it though! 

If you would like two mini's - please advise at time of bookings.  Be aware, one is great, two are a tornado of trouble and should not be let loose inside.

Our mini's are very young (hence no children for these visits) and are extremely interactive and curious - this is what makes the visit so enjoyable for so many - however, we respect that this isn't for everyone - mini's have a mind of their own and will not sit on command. We can promise enjoyment, cuteness and a positive feel spreading throughout your workplace but if you are looking for something calming and serene, we suggest booking staff massages :) 

Bookings are required to be paid for by the day prior to the visit - refunds and rescheduling options are available if more than 2 hours notice provided.

Please click here to read our waiver form: