Equine Facilitated Learning

A tailor-made session for you with one of our horses.


You'll meet and discuss your goals with the Facilitator and receive safety instructions before beginning.

    Duration - 45 mins.

    EFL is an interaction between horses and people, designed to promote experiential learning and wellbeing.

    There is no need for experience with horses – everything is tailor-made for you personally.

    Each session is customisable and dictated by a client’s parameters and needs. A session may involve grooming, spending time with the horse, taking a walk, navigating an obstacle course or liberty work (working with the horse off-lead), depending on your goals. Ultimately, individuals spend time in the presence of, or working directly with horses on the ground.  There is no riding involved. 

    A session lasts for up to one hour, including initial safety instructions.

    Above all, the emphasis is not on the outcome but the experience - sessions are supposed to be enjoyable!

    At your intitial visit, we will take the time to sit and discuss your goals for Equine Facilitated Learning and what you hope to achieve during your sessions.  Check out our "What is EFL?" page for some ideas of what you may do.

    Next you will meet the herd and then be invited to greet one of our horses individually.  If you decide to continue with further sessions we will tailor these to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

    Book a session by completing the form here....

    Please read the waiver form -

    a physical copy will need to be signed when you attend.