Equine Facilitated Learning Activities

Herd Observation - you may enjoy sitting and watching, or sitting amongst the herd. The time can be spent simply relaxing, reflecting or discussing the interactions observed with your facilitator.

Hanging Out - horses are happy simply to stand in each others presence. You may like to take the time to do the same. Live in the moment as the horses do.










Trick Training / Playing Games - horses can be quite playful when in the mood. Playing soccer and teaching them new tricks can be a great way to just relax and have fun.

Liberty Work - working at liberty with a horse, means to train without a halter or lead rope. It requires an immense bond between you and the horse - it is his choice to stay or leave as he pleases. Liberty work requires a large space and is only available at certain venues.

Preparing for Horse Ownership - thinking of getting your own? Learn and practice everything involved in horse ownership so you are prepared when the time comes, - including what to look for in your first horse.


Grooming/Plaiting/Preparation - Grooming is a fantastic way to build a bond with a horse and many people find it a relaxing process or one that gives them a sense of achievement. You may be interested in learning how to wash the horses, plait tails, braid manes and even paint hooves. And there's not a horse that would say no to a massage!

Beach/Forest Walk - Take the time to see things from a horses perspective, explore new surroundings and be outside in nature. You may like to take a lesiurely stroll, stopping to smell the roses (or eat them as the horse would prefer!). Or you may choose a faster walk as part of an exercise program or goal you have set yourself. (please note that these activities incur travel charges).

Horse Care/ Horse Health- If you have a genuine interest in furthering your knowledge about horses you may like to learn how to care for them and all their health needs. This could include how to clean out their feet, measure pulse and breathing rates, stretching exercises and general health requirements.

Horse Training/Handling - Learn groundwork and horsemanship skills to work at a more advanced level with the horses. You can learn beyond the basic safe handling of a horse and be involved in furthering their education as well as your own. This may include obstacle course work, introducing new sounds/experiences to the horses or even preparing for Led Class showing.