Beyond Words
Banter Sessions

Ever feel like you just want to sit down for a coffee and a chat with someone – but have no-one to grab a coffee with?  Then this group is for you!!!


Beyond Words Banter sessions are a coffee and chat group for Naracoorte/Lucindale locals over 25.  The hour and a half sessions are an opportunity for people to meet others in a relaxed and informal setting.


It can be nerve wracking attending a group where everyone already knows each other when you are on your own, so we have created these sessions to encourage those on their own, not to feel self-conscious about joining in.

Everyone attending the sessions has arrived on their own and nobody has met before so you’ll fit right in.


Come join us in our Barn Space with comfy chairs and a fireplace for a coffee and chat.  The sessions will be facilitated as needed, do don't worry about not knowing what to say!


If you are interested in joining you need to register your attendance with us via email at

The sessions are limited to 8-10 people.


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Please Note:

The sessions are for those over 25 and you are required to come alone – if you would like to bring a friend then this is not the group for you.  It is for people who want to go out but have nobody to go out with.

If you wish to attend you will be required to register your full name and a contact number.