About Us

Whilst it’s been almost 20 years since I completed my psychology degree, I can still recall the frustration of the jargon and "big-words for things we already have small-words for".  I was not a fan of the ‘therapist knows all’ approach or the sit and stare at each other whilst sharing your most personal thoughts and feelings.  I didn’t see why it couldn’t be about grabbing a cuppa and relaxing in recliner chairs and talking. Having recently updated my knowledge with a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, my goal is now to offer a more relaxed, plain and simple version of counselling for people.


In my experience I’ve found people are most comfortable talking about the hard stuff when doing something else, perhaps taking a walk in the forest together or completing a jigsaw puzzle.  Combining this awareness with my love for animals naturally led to Animal Assisted Counselling.  This form of counselling enhances and complements traditional therapy.  The animal may play the role of distraction, comforter, mirror, nerve quencher, stress reducer or friend.

And what better animal than a horse to bring into therapy.  They are large and imposing, yet so gentle and with just a pinch of magic in there that makes them so appealing. 


Not all people want or need counselling and we offer Equine Facilitated Learning for this reason.  EFL can be considered more therapeutic than therapy.  It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable and if you decide to talk – the horses are more than happy to listen.


Volunteering for the Community Visitor Scheme introduced me to many people who would love the interaction with horses but don’t have access to one.  Therefore, we offer private visits – to bring the magic to anyone who wants it. Our horses will visit homes, facilities and community groups as arranged for a horse encounter that will brighten anyone’s day.


Owner Elle Petersen & Therapy Horse Obi


Bachelor of Behavioural Science,

majoring in Psychology

Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Level 1 Equine Facilitator



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Police Clearance

NDIS Worker Orientation

COVID 19 - Infection Control Training


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